Apartments and Units is an extremely unique Real Estate site, highly tailored to the requirements and desires of the Body Corporate Real Estate market.

This Site is provided for investors, vendors, residents and future tenants of Body Corporate Real Estate.

Body Corporate Real Estate has many distinctive lifestyle advantages over other forms of Real Estate. People sharing property under a Body Corporate umbrella usually have more selective criteria and issues. This site is intended to cater to the specific requirements of people preferring that lifestyle.

The site offers a unique library of detail on well known Body Corporate developments providing detail on locations, facilities, area demographics, amenities and local services. This information is intended to help users define and select the locations and Building “Personalities” that will fit their personalities. Likewise, clever investors usually have a tenant demographic they are targeting. Correct building selection will assist in their tenant targeting.

The site provides communication forums to allow open communication between all groups wishing to discuss Body corporate related topics freely

Body corporate residents, investors and purchasers and vendors often have more specific needs than other real estate users, therefore we also offer a “Services Directory” for advertisers to offer their Body Corporate tailored services or goods.