Big Kids Dating is a dating service tailored to Younger Minded individuals. This Dating site is targeted to people that see themselves as younger in body and Mind than they are expected to be for their years.

On this site, we encourage everyone to be honest about their age in a uniquely different way. If your hobbies and sports, fitness regimes, overall health and looks generally have you aligned with younger people, feel free to list the age that you feel.

Age seems to be the most difficult attribute to match on. We all know a 25 year old that can’t jog 100 metres or a 65 year old that windsurfs and runs marathons. Age matching is not the answer, neither is lying about your age, that only leads to distrust on your whole profile. Listing yourself at the age of people you best align with is

If you’re lively and genuinely ready meet lively people, click on the pic.