Can You Help?


Can You Help is a community based, not for profit service that has been established to assist people in need.

As a victim of the 2009 Black Saturday bush fires, I understand, first hand, the difficulties of matching goods or services being offered to assist Tragedy victims or people in need. It is a logistical nightmare to steer or match offerings and donations to people that need it most.

Due to the inability of matching offerings to recipients, all too often, goods and services never reach the people that need them or worse, end up incorrectly located.

The intent of this service is to streamline the communication between people offering assistance with the recipients

As a community service, we have chosen to offer this service, FREE of charge, to view, initiate contact and email other members. Optional services are available, but you can use this service for FREE (not just view),

If you can offer assistance to people that require it, please sign up, connect with people that will appreciate whatever you can offer.

Click the picture to start connecting – NOW!
Teamwork solves large problems