Coming to the Toybox

These are the goodies I’ve got coming into the toybox in the not so distant future


Suzuki GS450GA is Suzuki’s first foray into Automatic transmission motorcycles. 450CC, Two cylinder, Shaft drive

Roll cursor over images for detail

This is coming from the West Coast of Canada. It’s in transit


1962 GTO250 Ferrari replica

Datsun 260Z reskinned in Fibre glass

This one is currently in Cheltenham waiting on a mechanic to finish the RWC and change the transmission to Automatic.

Should have been finished a long time ago but when my mate bought MGB Hive, the existing RWC license didn’t transfer to him. Getting a bit frustrated but my mate has had a few personal issues slowing him down and I don’t want to take it back because it’s been out of his control.


1961 Mystery Car

This one is in Cheltenham too, stuck due to the same issues. We’ve done a new flex plate and exhaust but it’s stuck waiting for the RWC license too?

No reveal till the RWC puts it on the road


1973 Datsun 240Z

I just received delivery of this car from W.A. It’s currently undergoing a little panel work then RWC inspection. It’ll then have the immobiliser upgraded to a top of the line security system before coming home. It will need a few bushes replaced and maybe a steering rack. The brakes are a bit noisy, yet to be dismantled for inspection.

Not sure how long till this is ready to play with!